Our Concept - simple, but intelligent

SupplyTex is based on either serial barcodes (SBC) or unique RFID-tags, so that each single item (and also box, hanger, etc.) can be clearly identified. With its web-based application it allows participants from all over the world to control the supply chain in real-time.

Starting at the production plant, SupplyTex guides the worker through the complete process of packing, loading and shipping, in which the items are “married” to boxes, hangers, pallets and containers. While this, the system gives support by checking routines, automatically document printing and an interface that allows the plant to integrate the data into its system.

After confirming the shipment, all the information is sent to the POS (in case of direct shipment) or to the logistic center and integrated to its warehouse management system in real-time. As a consequence, it is sufficient to scan a single pallet, box or hanger to record the including items. The barcode can be also used for storing or cross-docking.

By using serial barcodes, the forward process of SupplyTex ends with checking the inbound and releasing producer’s invoice. Backwards, SupplyTex is of course able to track an item from the customer to production plant.

By using RFID-tags, however, SupplyTex can also support and control the processes at the retailer.

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